So, food tasting?


This past weekend I went down to Austin Texas to visit some family, I was curious as to what were some of the wonderful things they had to do in the town, when I stumbled upon a news article concentrated on BBQ. While reading that article I was really impressed with the reviews it had gotten and was feeling ecstatic about trying this restaurant. Texas is a really well known state for its great foods but BBQ in particular, this restaurant is rated #1 for its brisket in the whole state but is in constant battle as other competitors have been arising. I then proceeded to look up the restaurant and found out that they had just recently been through a fire and thought I was not going to be able to get any food and was really sad, but I read another article and found out that they are opened for similar hours just less meat meaning they sell out even faster. My first attempt for this restaurant was unfortunately a fail, I got to the line around 10 in the morning because doors opened at 11 and me thinking one hour was enough…I was soo wrong. I literally got behind the “last man” standing guarantee. What that is, is the person that is the last person guaranteed a plate of food. I waited around for awhile but the servers kept demoralizing me and I gave up because they kept stating they are sold out and no extras looked to be promising. I was determined to try this damn BBQ, so I came back the next day at 7 in the morning and made the line, it was a long 5 hour wait but definitely worth it. The food was mesmerizing and something out of this world. I had high hopes and this place delivered. While on the line I met people from all over the place,  I met a food taster from Boston and a lady from google who truly made the wait a great time.


Overall, what I got out of this trip though is that Austin is a place with great food and if you find yourself like I was, starving after failing at Franklins, the food trucks on congress are a nice fallback plan. The food trucks that i found on S. Congress were amazing and did not disappoint either. For some weird reason I was not as mad as I thought I was going to be about not eating at Franklins for the first time. The atmosphere is great and the people are really friendly in this town. Anyways, for anybody that wants to try some darn good BBQ, I truly recommend Franklins BBQ but just be warned to be there really early and expect a long wait. The food does not disappoint, i recommend to eat it in the moment and at the restaurant but thats another personal opinion. Anyways here are some links to the menu and other wonderful extras.